Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow

Analise and I moved to our new neighborhood in southern Kansas just under two years ago. I don’t feel comfortable saying the name of our town, because I don’t want anyone that hears this story to come here. I wouldn’t wish this place on my worst enemy. I wanted to stay in De Moines where […]

The High Fliers

The world was crazy when I decided to move. Eventually it all reached a boiling point and I finally did what I’d always dreamed of. I had enough of it all: the work, the stress, the concrete jungle, the loneliness amongst millions. I wanted a simpler life. Portland always felt foreign to me, but most […]


It’s been three years since the rainforest began to fall. It’s the rainforest my mother and father were raised alongside. The rainforest my grandfather played in and his grandfather before him too. But it’s only taken three years of fruitless protests followed by an onslaught of iron and fire to wipe it all away. We […]

White Rhinoceros

Even after all the days I’ve endured it seems to get colder. My knees are shivering, but my heart whimpers more. Bugsy’s long floppy ears are as strained as I’ve ever seen them. His ribcage shows and his gnawed legs shiver more as daylight wanes. His breaths are short and his nose twitches along with […]

The Harvest

My car rolled steadily over the crackling gravel road. In the last hour of the drive, my GPS lost its signal and got me lost in about three directions before I finally found my way. But even if there was any service in that remote tundra I’m still not sure the facility would have shown […]

The Darkest Cavern

I peered down the vast hole. A beam of light from the warm paradise sun snuck into the otherwise pitch-black alien world beneath. I watched as my team jumped into the depths like their lives weren’t in jeopardy. I wasn’t in the water quite yet, but I could feel the perspiration dampening my wetsuit. First […]

A Walk to Nowhere

Some people say the homeless are all crazy. I used to be one of those people, but life has a way of giving perspective. Last August I lost my job, mostly out of the blue. But then again it could have had something to do with the “night caps” turning into dessert accompaniments, then lunch […]

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