Crimson Dawn (Part 3): Rapture

The same smell of copper and echoing drips of blood from Mr. Booker’s farm now filled the church’s nave. The scene was gruesome as they come: Father Jonathan’s green robes ripped open and nailed behind his blackening pierced palms like wings. That encircled star the detective had seen too often lately was carved on his […]

Crimson Dawn (Part 2): Revelation

The room was bright and dark at the same time, but silent more than anything. In front of Patrick Evans was a giant mirror where he could see his disheveled hair, muddy face, and shirt inflated from bandages wrapped around his body like a mummy. He tried not to look at it. He had a […]

Crimson Dawn (Part 1): Rebirth

Thin rays of sunlight poked like spikes over the electrified wall of Perching Tree and twinkled upon droplets of blood thwacking into the mud. A musty decay wafted from the goat’s shredded torso that forced even the seasoned detective to lean back and hold his breath. He shone his flashlight over the corpse. “Well? What […]

One, Two, Three, Four

Dr. Griffiths straightened his tie and washed his face in the bathroom of the waiting room. He needed this job and was starting to doubt himself after thirteen failed interviews. He didn’t quite know what to expect of the position – a ‘mental health technician’. Whatever that means. The job listing description was short and […]

Skincare Routine

By now we’ve all heard the tagline “everyone needs a skincare routine”. I’m here to tell you that’s not always the case. Over a decade ago now, in my senior year of high school the hype of blogging and vlogging was at its peak. For the first time they gave everyone a voice. And if […]

An Arm and a Leg

106,566. The amount of people on the kidney transplant waitlist. 16,894. The average kidney recipients each year. 3,000. The probable number of recipients in the last few months of this year. Numbers are how I earn my living. Numbers are familiar. Numbers are how I make this all bearable. My mother has been on the […]

Still Waters, Deep Thoughts

My radar started going nuts only a couple minutes ago. I finally found the lively shipwreck Davis always said was the best for catching bass. I put hand over hand as fast as I can to spin that stubborn old wheel to the left and reach down to cut the engine at the same time. […]

Warehouse 17

I’ve lived in New York City for all my career, which is somewhere between seven years and eternity. It’s hard to get a decent grasp on time in the city that never sleeps, but what I do know is that my days in the city has been a grind. A grind that blunts your bones […]

The Lost Colony

I used to always hate history class, especially in middle school. If we weren’t covering a war then the class just dragged on about tiresome theory, writings, and unrelatable struggles from hundreds of years ago. Who cares about what life was like in the 1500s under British rule? I envied them in a way – […]

Frank's Route 66 Diner

Frank’s Route 66 Diner As I approached mile marker 43 in Missouri I subconsciously curled my foot around the top of the pedal. My 2012 Honda Accord sunk towards the ground and purred in a struggle to match my desired pace. The car ripped by the exit too fast to read the signage. Suddenly I […]

The Angel From Beneath

I fell into a deep sleep last night, fueled by a lengthy study session for my Philosophy fin…

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