Crimson Dawn (Part 3): Rapture

The same smell of copper and echoing drips of blood from Mr. Booker’s farm now filled the church’s nave. The scene was gruesome as they come: Father Jonathan’s green robes ripped open and nailed behind his blackening pierced palms like wings. That encircled star the detective had seen too often lately was carved on his […]

Crimson Dawn (Part 2): Revelation

The room was bright and dark at the same time, but silent more than anything. In front of Patrick Evans was a giant mirror where he could see his disheveled hair, muddy face, and shirt inflated from bandages wrapped around his body like a mummy. He tried not to look at it. He had a […]

Crimson Dawn (Part 1): Rebirth

Thin rays of sunlight poked like spikes over the electrified wall of Perching Tree and twinkled upon droplets of blood thwacking into the mud. A musty decay wafted from the goat’s shredded torso that forced even the seasoned detective to lean back and hold his breath. He shone his flashlight over the corpse. “Well? What […]

The Law of Attraction

Whenever something seems too good to be true, you better believe it is. There’s a fad that’s been making its way through social media for some years now. It’s starting to appear in more and more books, movies, TV shows, songs, and of course, the popular girls’ conversations in everyone’s school. I’ve never been one […]

Dream Girl

I awoke the other morning with a frown already dragging the skin off my face. I know waking up in a glum mood isn’t exactly any sort of phenomenon – that’s something my boss and almost any manager out there would call the product of a ‘healthy work-life balance’ – emphasis on the “healthy”. But […]


I sat at my computer again as the tormenting silence of another weekend alone dripped into my chest. It was so overwhelming that it was hard to breathe. High school has always been tough for me – I can’t wait for it to be over. I’ve had groups of friends come and go throughout the […]


I feel a chill quavering through my bones. It grabs and shakes me as blaring sirens and flashing lights sputter about the room. For a moment I have no idea where I am and its rather frightening. I’m flushed in a panic almost powerful enough to make me forget how cold it is. I sit […]

The Painting

I’ve never been an art connoisseur or anything of the like – that was more my girlfriend, Lauren’s thing. She always insisted on going to art fairs, local galleries, meeting strangers off of Craigslist – you name it. And whether it was photography, paintings, or even some kid’s pencil drawings, Lauren seemed enamored by every […]

Keep Driving

Car rides used to be fond memories of mine. I remember my younger days strapping on my seat belt and settling into the back row with either a drawing pad, a book, or headphones depending on the year and interests du jour. Every two months or so, my parents would mention how we hadn’t seen […]

The Weight of The Soul

Each time is the same, but each time I get closer. This time, I step closer and closer to the patient – in this case, a woman named Dorothy Pearson I fancied from Sunday’s local farmer’s market. She was inspecting an ear of corn, peeling back the husk and peering inside, not dissimilarly from what […]

The Mannequin

Topher tinkered with his ring light in the bathroom for so long, you would have thought he moved to LA to pursue photography. He wiped the sweat off his blonde mustache, which the window air conditioner did little to alleviate. If he could just turn the light another quarter of an inch, open the blinds […]

Black Spot

Years ago, when I first started to live alone, I hoped for only a few things: reasonable rent, a decent landlord, and a set of normal neighbors. It turns out, the last one was the hardest to ask for. The walls are thin in most of these old apartment buildings – some thinner than others. […]

The Baba Yaga

The story of the one missing and four hanged boys. Everyone from our small Coloradan town remembers where they were the day they first heard about it. Me? I was there. I’d like to say I went on that camping trip because of my passion for the outdoors or my lust for mother nature. That’s […]

Mr. and Mrs. Scarecrow

Analise and I moved to our new neighborhood in southern Kansas just under two years ago. I don’t feel comfortable saying the name of our town, because I don’t want anyone that hears this story to come here. I wouldn’t wish this place on my worst enemy. I wanted to stay in De Moines where […]

The High Fliers

The world was crazy when I decided to move. Eventually it all reached a boiling point and I finally did what I’d always dreamed of. I had enough of it all: the work, the stress, the concrete jungle, the loneliness amongst millions. I wanted a simpler life. Portland always felt foreign to me, but most […]


I’ve never been afraid of my own reflection. In fact, I’ve quite enjoyed it. I’m sure anyone would with a reflection as stunning as mine. If I bite down in just the right way and push my tongue into the roof of my mouth, my jawline looks more chiseled than that of a Greek God. […]


It’s been three years since the rainforest began to fall. It’s the rainforest my mother and father were raised alongside. The rainforest my grandfather played in and his grandfather before him too. But it’s only taken three years of fruitless protests followed by an onslaught of iron and fire to wipe it all away. We […]

Dolly's Nurse

It’s been seven years since I was put in the nursing home, which is four more than I thought I’d be here and seven more than I wanted. But I understand how life works. You live your days in as much comfort, love and bliss as you can until one day when you can’t. You […]

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