The Main Character

Over the past couple years, I’ve taken up reading as a hobby. First, I started out with the classics the way most people do: Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984. You know, all those books I pretended to read when they were assigned in high school. And after I was done with those, […]

Pleasure Park: Part 2

Makenzie whipped back around to the sound of creaking wood about twenty feet down the track, but the rollercoaster cart had disappeared into the dark. When she looked back towards the stairs, she saw that yellow crooked smile: sharp teeth shining back at her and long muddy black hair covering most of the figure’s face. […]

Pleasure Park: Part 1

The skies darkened over the ominous canopy where the remnants of a structure that once amused now creaked in the wind. It had been visited a number of times since that fateful summer thirty-two years ago, but not for the same reason it once was. Makenzie waited for her friends at the Burger King along […]


It’s been eight years since I lost my family for the first time. Years of endless sorrow and lonesome emptiness. Years of staying up late for no reason other than to avoid an empty bed, watching re-runs of the shows we used to enjoy together: Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, The Office – hell, sometimes I’d […]

The Mannequin

Topher tinkered with his ring light in the bathroom for so long, you would have thought he moved to LA to pursue photography. He wiped the sweat off his blonde mustache, which the window air conditioner did little to alleviate. If he could just turn the light another quarter of an inch, open the blinds […]

Black Spot

Years ago, when I first started to live alone, I hoped for only a few things: reasonable rent, a decent landlord, and a set of normal neighbors. It turns out, the last one was the hardest to ask for. The walls are thin in most of these old apartment buildings – some thinner than others. […]

Skincare Routine

By now we’ve all heard the tagline “everyone needs a skincare routine”. I’m here to tell you that’s not always the case. Over a decade ago now, in my senior year of high school the hype of blogging and vlogging was at its peak. For the first time they gave everyone a voice. And if […]


It’s the last Thursday of the month, which means it’s wrestling night at Ol’ Shenanigans with the boys. It’s a tradition Pete, Jim and I have kept up for thirty years and we ain’t about to change tonight. And I wouldn’t want to. Pete orders his rum and coke, Jim gets his Jameson on the […]


I’ve never been afraid of my own reflection. In fact, I’ve quite enjoyed it. I’m sure anyone would with a reflection as stunning as mine. If I bite down in just the right way and push my tongue into the roof of my mouth, my jawline looks more chiseled than that of a Greek God. […]

My Little Boy

When a mother conceives, she immediately starts to fret. She frets over whether she has what it takes. She frets about how the kid will turn out, and whether she’s got any control over it either way. She wonders why anyone in their right mind would let her leave the hospital with a living, breathing, […]

Dolly's Nurse

It’s been seven years since I was put in the nursing home, which is four more than I thought I’d be here and seven more than I wanted. But I understand how life works. You live your days in as much comfort, love and bliss as you can until one day when you can’t. You […]

Lester’s Lucky Casino

Gail and I have always been fortunate in life. We’ve been blessed with great kids, relative financial success, and of course we found each other. Our friends and relatives would always call our fortune ‘luck’, but I’d always preferred to think we had a hand in our own success. The two of us had been […]

The Smile Room

Peggy-Sue always knew she should smile more. Miss Mercy ‘d say go and play with the other children now. If your grin appears too thin, you’ll lament what might have been. Turn that frown upside down, if you want a home one day, Or face your doom down inside the Smile Room. The two jump […]

White Rhinoceros

Even after all the days I’ve endured it seems to get colder. My knees are shivering, but my heart whimpers more. Bugsy’s long floppy ears are as strained as I’ve ever seen them. His ribcage shows and his gnawed legs shiver more as daylight wanes. His breaths are short and his nose twitches along with […]

Still Waters, Deep Thoughts

My radar started going nuts only a couple minutes ago. I finally found the lively shipwreck Davis always said was the best for catching bass. I put hand over hand as fast as I can to spin that stubborn old wheel to the left and reach down to cut the engine at the same time. […]


They say you and nobody but you can change your life for better or worse. I suppose in some demonic manner I found that to be true. I awoke one dreary Monday a little over a year ago perhaps on the wrong side of the bed, but certainly not planning on ruining my own life. […]

The Otherwise Sane

I’ve learned a lot in my 78 years on this Earth, but the leanings of madness have been the most impactful. Madness is truly only erroneous perceptions from which one comes to justifiable conclusions. And those erroneous perceptions are only based upon the veil of reality: a standardized perception we expect all to employ. But […]


I never really liked toys that were meant for boys. Something about firetrucks and army men didn’t catch my eye. I wasn’t interested in their implied chaos and disaster even when I was too young to fully attribute the toys to their places in the world. My father would even try to drag me down […]

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