Crimson Dawn (Part 2): Revelation

The room was bright and dark at the same time, but silent more than anything. In front of Patrick Evans was a giant mirror where he could see his disheveled hair, muddy face, and shirt inflated from bandages wrapped around his body like a mummy. He tried not to look at it. He had a […]

Creative Destruction

The urban rainstorm thwacked into the splintered sidewalks outside the Bachman Gallery where a neon red ‘OPEN’ sign flickered and sung a zapping tune to no one. As the minutes crept closer to 9pm, Jan Bachman’s jittering fingers quickened upon the desk almost matching the pattern of the rain. His eyes darted between the front […]

0500 Hours

Steam rolls around our ship. The capsule’s vibrations are deafening. Metal clangs, aluminum overheats and crackles like popcorn. My own breathing distorts my colleagues’ headsets. And then there’s that commanding voice from millions of miles away. “Five. Four. Three.” The shaking seems endless. We are thoroughly trained astronauts, but something about the combination of waking […]

The Drain

When I first moved to the city, I had dreams, delusions some might say, of grandeur. I’d seen influencers and old friends posting about their lavish lifestyles in high-rise, renovated penthouse suites. I’d seen them dining out every meal and partying like it’s 1999 seemingly endlessly. The reality I encountered was quite the opposite – […]

The Algorithm

I feel a burning in my eyes and pick up my head for the first time in hours and look towards the window. It’s dark now – it wasn’t the last time I looked. In the fogged rain-covered glass is a ghostly silhouette of my slouched form. There are smudges on the window too which […]

Dream Girl

I awoke the other morning with a frown already dragging the skin off my face. I know waking up in a glum mood isn’t exactly any sort of phenomenon – that’s something my boss and almost any manager out there would call the product of a ‘healthy work-life balance’ – emphasis on the “healthy”. But […]


I sat at my computer again as the tormenting silence of another weekend alone dripped into my chest. It was so overwhelming that it was hard to breathe. High school has always been tough for me – I can’t wait for it to be over. I’ve had groups of friends come and go throughout the […]

The Painting

I’ve never been an art connoisseur or anything of the like – that was more my girlfriend, Lauren’s thing. She always insisted on going to art fairs, local galleries, meeting strangers off of Craigslist – you name it. And whether it was photography, paintings, or even some kid’s pencil drawings, Lauren seemed enamored by every […]

The Weight of The Soul

Each time is the same, but each time I get closer. This time, I step closer and closer to the patient – in this case, a woman named Dorothy Pearson I fancied from Sunday’s local farmer’s market. She was inspecting an ear of corn, peeling back the husk and peering inside, not dissimilarly from what […]


Being liked is more important than most would like to admit, and being disliked even more so. The way others perceive you says a lot about who you are and many times what others think of you too. A single disapproval could be cataclysmic depending on the circumstance – it could cause a domino fall […]


“Have you heard about this lately? Have you heard about this?” the podcasters chimed through Lou’s earbuds. The only thing he could hear were their voices and breathing – not the commotion of students commuting between classes or the audible anxiety of shuffling papers or frantic smacking against keyboards. It was just as he liked […]

The Main Character

Over the past couple years, I’ve taken up reading as a hobby. First, I started out with the classics the way most people do: Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984. You know, all those books I pretended to read when they were assigned in high school. And after I was done with those, […]

Pleasure Park: Part 2

Makenzie whipped back around to the sound of creaking wood about twenty feet down the track, but the rollercoaster cart had disappeared into the dark. When she looked back towards the stairs, she saw that yellow crooked smile: sharp teeth shining back at her and long muddy black hair covering most of the figure’s face. […]

Pleasure Park: Part 1

The skies darkened over the ominous canopy where the remnants of a structure that once amused now creaked in the wind. It had been visited a number of times since that fateful summer thirty-two years ago, but not for the same reason it once was. Makenzie waited for her friends at the Burger King along […]


It’s been eight years since I lost my family for the first time. Years of endless sorrow and lonesome emptiness. Years of staying up late for no reason other than to avoid an empty bed, watching re-runs of the shows we used to enjoy together: Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, The Office – hell, sometimes I’d […]

The Mannequin

Topher tinkered with his ring light in the bathroom for so long, you would have thought he moved to LA to pursue photography. He wiped the sweat off his blonde mustache, which the window air conditioner did little to alleviate. If he could just turn the light another quarter of an inch, open the blinds […]

Black Spot

Years ago, when I first started to live alone, I hoped for only a few things: reasonable rent, a decent landlord, and a set of normal neighbors. It turns out, the last one was the hardest to ask for. The walls are thin in most of these old apartment buildings – some thinner than others. […]

Skincare Routine

By now we’ve all heard the tagline “everyone needs a skincare routine”. I’m here to tell you that’s not always the case. Over a decade ago now, in my senior year of high school the hype of blogging and vlogging was at its peak. For the first time they gave everyone a voice. And if […]

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