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Welcome to the official launch of my new author website,! I’m excited to include all visitors to this site on my authorship journey and share my stories.

I have been a passionate writer for over 15 years now, and this felt like the right step in expanding my passion to a broader audience – you! So welcome again, and thank you for taking the risky click it took to arrive where you are now.

On this site, I will be writing short stories and the occasional poetry centered around dark fiction. That includes dystopian, killer, gory, monster, paranormal, and psychological horror – but is it all fiction? So in other words, don’t visit this site before bed!

My pen name I will go by is also the name of the site: Lawson Ray. I prefer to keep a slight split between my personal life and my authorship. Having said that, I do not have any qualms with telling you more about myself, and I hope to develop a connection with you and all readers who pass through this site.

Feel free to visit the [Contact Me] page and fill out the contact form to reach out to me. As long as your messages are politely worded, I will respond to any and all that I receive!

Outside of writing, I have a number of additional hobbies and interests which I am sure will be reflected in my stories at times. I am a passionate soccer fan, namely an avid supporter of Tottenham Hotspur. Being from New Jersey originally, I am also a New York Red Bulls fan. After growing up in New Jersey, I attended Penn State for my bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, as well as my minors in Italian and International Business. While at Penn State, I took a number of creative writing courses to help hone my craft – you will be the judge on how those classes went! Additionally I love running and working out when I can. I’ve completed two marathons, and five half marathons within the past 8 years of running. After graduating from Penn State, I moved to the Washington DC area where I now live with my 3 year-old rabbit, Leo.

I want to reiterate my excitement in starting this writing journey with you and all who wish to join. So tell your family, tell your friends, and join the terror.

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