The Smile Room

Peggy-Sue always knew she should smile more. Miss Mercy ‘d say go and play with the other children now. If your grin appears too thin, you’ll lament what might have been. Turn that frown upside down, if you want a home one day, Or face your doom down inside the Smile Room. The two jump […]

photo of pavement with street lights during winter

White Rhinoceros

Even after all the days I’ve endured it seems to get colder. My knees are shivering, but my heart whimpers more. Bugsy’s long floppy ears are as strained as I’ve ever seen them. His ribcage shows and his gnawed legs shiver more as daylight wanes. His breaths are short and his nose twitches along with […]

Still Waters, Deep Thoughts

My radar started going nuts only a couple minutes ago. I finally found the lively shipwreck Davis always said was the best for catching bass. I put hand over hand as fast as I can to spin that stubborn old wheel to the left and reach down to cut the engine at the same time. […]

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