The Puppeteer

“Do I look fat in this dress?” Betsy asked. She looked up and down herself with a toothless and cartoonish torqued lip. She was wearing the same white dress with pink polka-dots she always did. “What?” Bert groaned. Charlie’s hands were getting numb and sweaty, but the skit was almost done. He pushed on. This […]

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The Harvest

My car rolled steadily over the crackling gravel road. In the last hour of the drive, my GPS lost its signal and got me lost in about three directions before I finally found my way. But even if there was any service in that remote tundra I’m still not sure the facility would have shown […]


I never really liked toys that were meant for boys. Something about firetrucks and army men didn’t catch my eye. I wasn’t interested in their implied chaos and disaster even when I was too young to fully attribute the toys to their places in the world. My father would even try to drag me down […]

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