Lawson M. Ray


I tossed my keys down on the kitchen table after nearly losing a wrestling match with the door and sighed. What an exhausting week it’d been. I don’t exactly know what my dream first apartment looked like but it sure wasn’t this. I graduated from the University of Delaware last Spring and moved into the […]

Dream Girl

I awoke the other morning with a frown already dragging the skin off my face. I know waking up in a glum mood isn’t exactly any sort of phenomenon – that’s something my boss and almost any manager out there would call the product of a ‘healthy work-life balance’ – emphasis on the “healthy”. But […]


I sat at my computer again as the tormenting silence of another weekend alone dripped into my chest. It was so overwhelming that it was hard to breathe. High school has always been tough for me – I can’t wait for it to be over. I’ve had groups of friends come and go throughout the […]